Eminem - Curtain Call 2

Eminem - Curtain Call 2

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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2022 release, the second greatest hits collection from the rap icon. Includes music from all Eminem projects from Relapse forward, including side-projects, guest appearances, film soundtrack songs, and selections from his solo albums.

Track List

A1 Godzilla
A2 Crack a Bottle
A3 Walk On Water
A4 Gnat
A5 Space Bound
B1 Love The Way You Lie
B2 Rap God
B3 No Love
B4 From The D 2 The LBC
B5 River

C1 Not Afraid
C2 Venom
C3 Lighters
C4 Survival
C5 Higher
D1 The Monster
D2 Lucky You
D3 Is This Love ('09)
D4 Berzerk
D5 Beautiful