High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music

Many have said Germany is the capital for Techno music with events like Love Parade and clubs like Tresor who bring techno DJs from all over the world to perform on a consistent basis. To masses techno may sound like "ee ee er er." To the untrained ear it may sound as so. But techno music is much more than that with origins in the United States. Detroit to be exact. For those interested in techno music, but may not understand its origins, High Tech Soul is a point of origin that does not disappoint. You'll find Techno comes from the industrialization of machines in the work force and systematic failure of the auto and bureaucratic industries in Detroit. This may sound dark and gloomy, but out of this was birthed a music effecting music heads on a global scale with a mixture of funk, soul and early electronic music. Think of Kraftwerk and Funkadelic stuck in an elevator and forced to create music. That's Techno!