Drasar Monumental - Lifetime of Wreckage (EP)

Nothing but pure ruggedness from the Vendetta Vinyl camp on this one. If you are familiar with anything under the Vendetta Vinyl umbrella, you know you are in for the hardest hardcore rap music with beats that bang heavy in your ear. In a time where rap music is industrialized by corporate zombies releasing mindless music, Lifetime of Wreckage comes through smashing the corporate dizzies, and anyone else who gets in the way, with no mercy. Drasar not only makes the beats on this EP, but also raps. It's uncommon for a producer to rap and produce the beats and make it sound nice. In addition to that he gets down on the cuts too. Hogan Plus makes a cameo appearance dropping atomic science on the track "Fratricide 1993." He was also featured on a previous Vendetta Vinyl release by the Box Cutter Brothers on a track called "Twins." In a time where people complain about the state of hip hop. Drasar comes heavy with the 4 element hip hop flavor through this EP. You can tell just by listening to this project and other Vendetta projects the hip hop is strong with his camp and his sound. Peep game and don't sleep on this one. 

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