Dan Mason Rosewood Set (11-28-20) (Emotion Set)

Vaporwave is a music genre that come to life in the 2010's over the internet over a conversation redit. Fast forward to 2020 and we have a performance from Dan Mason. His music has been featured on Dan Bell's "Dead Mall Series" on YouTube. Dan's music and the Dead Mall Series are a perfect combination to each other, which both take us on a trip of on what was at the height of late 80's and early 90's commerce culture. Dan Bell's approach is more direct on how malls are dying but were once a place where life thrived but are now meeting their demise. Where as Vaporwave artists tend to focus more on the liveliness of 90's commerce and popular culture. The background behind Dan Mason's performance show's us this liveliness. 90's kids should be able to relate to the aesthetic behind Dan's music and Vaporwave was a whole. Enjoy.